MLH Funds CHD Research for Heart Month

February 1, 2013

Heart StethoscopeAs you may know, February is Heart Month and February 7-14 is Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) Awareness Week (officially recognized in many cities, counties and states).  We at Mended Little Hearts were thinking, “How can we make a bigger difference for children with CHD and their families this Heart Month?”  We thought a lot about what we were working so hard to create awareness for and why.

One of the main things we create awareness for is CHD research funding, right?  We all know it is underfunded and therefore too many of our kids are having problems and some are becoming angels way too soon.  So, we decided to do something about it and fund research this year.

We then decided that we didn’t just want to fund research in general, but we would pick a specific project–one that we felt was making a big impact.  We picked the Joint Council on Congenital Heart Defects’ Quality Improvement Collaborative as our project (

You may ask, “Why did you choose that project over others?’  Good question.  Here’s why:

  • It involves multiple sites (46 different hospitals participate–woohoo!)
  • The JCCHD involves several great CHD organizations
  • It has a direct impact on babies’ lives.
  • Data is being collected that can inform better choices in caring for CHD children.
  • It improves communication between medical professionals and families.
  • It can be replicated for other CHDs.
  • AND IT INVOLVES PARENTS!  Parents are a big part of the process.  YAY!
So, Mended Little Hearts is donating 50% of all monies raised during Heart Month to this important project.  Visit our website at to learn more, or you can call or email Jodi Lemacks,, 804-419-7028, and she can give you more information.

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