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Lauren Gray our CHD Awareness Chair is Surviving CHD

December 30, 2012
Lauren Gray our CHD Awareness Chair is Surviving CHD

You can’t tell it to look at me, but I have had 4 bouts of pneumonia, 5 catheterizations, 2 open heart surgeries, numerous blood transfusions, countless iv’s, ekg’s, echocardiograms, x-rays, trips to the cardiologist or ER and have taken a plethora of antibiotics in my 40 years. I’ve had many otherwise minor health issues compounded by my heart defect but, the reality is that I am one of the lucky ones. I was born with Tetralogy of Fallot in a rural town in North Carolina. They were not equipped to handle my condition so I was sent to a medical school in a larger town where they performed what was supposed to be a temporary repair. That temporary repair lasted for 17 years with minimal intervention. At age 17 it was determined that a more stable repair was needed. You can probably imagine that as a young teenage girl I was not exactly thrilled about having surgery. In the vainness of my youth I was far more concerned about the scar that would be left on my chest than about the extension and quality of life the surgery would produce. Plus, it wasn’t exactly my definition of how to spend […]

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