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Say Thank You to Your CHD Child’s Cardiology Team, FREE Printable!

October 25, 2012

The next time you head off to see your CHD Child’s Cardiologist, pediatrician, or pack for surgery, print off some of these sweet Thank You slips.

Print them off on card stock, cut the page into quarters and have your child sign, or color on the back of it. Tape a Hershey’s Kiss to each card and pass one to the nurse taking care of your child. My experience says that everyone loves chocolate! Don’t forget to pass one to the X-ray, Echo, or Packemaker tech!  After surgery, when you are seeing the same housekeeping and cafeteria staff in your child’s room, pass one to them too. Everyone who takes care of your child during visits or hospital stays can get a sweet Thank You from your family! Read more »